Analyze the past to reinvent your future

Adaptex creates powerful lessons learned to notify a team with valuable knowledge, without requiring any extra effort from all parties involved.



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Increase the quality of your project progress through valuable insights

Increase cost efficiency, project performance and project planning by receiving the right notifications and the right time!

Data Mining and NLP to discover, develop and validate lessons learned

Data Mining will enable Adaptex to determine and discover powerful insights that can help you with whatever project you are working on.

Integrate with the tools you know and love

Adaptex automaticlly adapts itself to the project management tools you and your team are already using, leaving you to fully focus on your tasks at hand.

Promote valuable lessons to decrease project cost

Adaptex allows you to save time, money and a whole lot of frustration by ensuring that you won't make the same mistake twice.

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The Team

Behind every good product stands an amazing diverse team of professionals. We are Adaptex.


Sabrina Hersman

Co-Founder and UE Expert

I believe that through high usability people can focus on what is really important: doing what they love and evolving with new technologies by their side.


Nikita van den Berg

Co-Founder and Requirements Expert

I believe that by improving the quality of your requirements, businesses can increase their overall productivity and success rate.


Chris Pfaff

Co-Founder and Data Nerd

I believe that by using data in a smart way, companies can become a better version of themselves every single day.